FINDING GRAVITY: the fluidity of ideas


As an elevator pitch, the idea can be summarized as Monument Valley meets Portal 2. These two games influenced us from the very beginning, but were only fully realized near the end of our prototyping. 
From the start, our team actually wanted to create a cooperative game where each player saw a different version of reality; they would need to piece together reality in order to solve puzzles by communicating their own perspectives. 


While similar to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, we wanted the mechanics to have much more emphasis on exploration.

As we were working on the separate realities concept, one of our developers wanted to focus more on gravity puzzles that were similar to the Water Palace in Monument Valley. The team collectively decided this would allow for much more complex and elaborate puzzles, so we started to build the framework that would support this functionality. 

Over several play test sessions we started to notice something, the separate realities mechanics wasn’t fun. However, we also noticed something else, the gravity switching mechanic was fun. Unanimously, the team decided to shift their focus from the initial idea to a mechanic that was just an afterthought. This was a crucial turning point in the project that would lead to the creation of Finding Gravity. While we knew the process wouldn’t be smooth, we were confident we had a unique experience that had to be shared with the world.

In the end, I’d say strongly consider any feedback you get from play tests and don’t hold your initial idea to a higher standard. Let the criticisms mold the concept and you may stumble upon something worthwhile.


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- Conan Zhang
May 11, 2016