Who am I?

I am someone who enjoys the power games gives me. Being passionate about photography gives me an eye for the intricate details and the ultimate moments. I believe this has helped me greatly in the art of games. Whether its an engineering task or design, I look at every decision with different lenses and hope to make the right decision with the information I have. 
I am a strong believer in iterative design and narrative in games. I believe player engagement comes from their ability to invest in the narrative of the game, whether it is the theme of a small mobile puzzle game or a full fledged RPG. 

game internship experience

WB GAMES - GAME Engineering INTERN - july 2017 

Being my current role, I hope to be able to update this soon with what I have learnt. 



This was a 10 week long internship that was directly in the production department. This means that I worked under a team of Producers and Associate Producers that mentored me and helped me experience the pipeline of a full AAA title. Some of the Projects I worked on personally were

  •  A full playthrough design analysis document written as feedback on features and design of the game.
  • Season Pass and DLC Research on existing trends in market. 
  • Virtual Currency research to see how existing top 10 games implement economy, soft and hard currency and incentives for in app purchases. This was also to explore the move of some console games to the Micro-transactions model.
  • Apart from this, I also shadowed Producers, sat in on daily meetings with development teams, QA teams, VO, Marketing and PR meetings, announce plannings, internal Greenlight process etc.
  • I also had the opportunity to meet with multiple VPs and a studio head

All in all, I have learnt a lot in the short summer. Having seen how a AAA publisher and internal studios work, and most importantly, gaining perspective on the development and publishing process of the game.


Game projects

This is a field I am very passionate about and have indulged myself in. I truly believe that games is the ultimate form of expression and it is amazing to see different skills and walks of life, come together, and make something that can touch so many lives. I truely believe in inducing subconscious behavior in player in my games. I try to challenge the existing norms as much as possible and will continue to find new avenues for new ideas. 

Through my classes I have gained varied level skills in:

  • Unity 5+ - Game Development
  • Unreal Engine 4: Machinima animation Production(Beginner)  and some development
  • Game Design concepts and theory - Traditional, Alternative, storytelling, AI .

the cursed revolver - Team Lead, Engineer

Released: Steam 

Unique Mechanic: 

Every ability costs health. Player must think about their health while planning every single move in the game. When player leaves a decoy shadow behind, they would lose 2 bars of health while doing so. 


I am trying to challenge the use of health in games and make the player think more about their health compared to any other shooter games. They need to think on how they manage it in a fast-paced environment. Every time the character uses an ability, they lose health, but also gain health by killing enemies with those abilities. This makes for a heart pumping core game loop.


Cursed revolver is a Top-Down, Twin-Stick, shooter where The Wild West is plunged into chaos when the land is cursed by an artifact known simply as, The Cursed Revolver. Discovered by an unsuspecting cowboy, the revolver becomes bound to him, and demands payment of life. The cowboy must now face the deadly demons of the west if he is to have any hope of breaking the curse.



This is a first person, two player cooperative, 3D puzzle game in Unity 5 with a unique gravity mechanic. 

The idea:

Two player, no-mic, co-op (VR) experience where each player would help their other half to reach the end of the puzzle.
Think Monument valley gravity switching with Portal 2 co-op puzzles

Unique Mechanic: 

The main mechanic for the game is the gravity switching platform that allows player to walk on walls and ceiling. This allows levels where one player can walk on walls and say, build a set of stairs for the other teammate and help them get to the top.

HackTheMusic - Hackathon and opportunity quest Winner

soft launch: Google play store


24 hour Hackathon Project turned game, $2000 Opportunity Quest

The idea:

Create a world that reacts to chosen music. Use your eyes as well as ears to experience the music.
The project uses a open source projects and APIs to visualize music in a fictional world. This could be used for relaxation or also a substitute for normal music.
Being the first real VR Project for the team, it was an interesting adventure. 

solo game - Episodic Infiniy Climber

A climber's Story - Narrative Suspense climber

This is a small solo mobile game I have worked on for a month or two in Unity and is still very primitive. 

Pitch: This game is a essentially a vertical infinity scroller that has a unique Story telling mechanic. Like any episodic TV Show, this game will take advantage of building suspense in waiting for the next part of the story. This unique storytelling structure will enable the developer to constantly engage the user base after release. 

games4health competition entries - Designer


This was our entry for the Games4Health competition at the University of Utah in the happy health category. The idea is to keep your heart rate above a certain level. If it is above the level, your character will move. The motivation is to travel from village to village collecting items to build bigger items, where the distance between the village gets longer and longer which trains your heart to be above the level for a long
amount of time. 


This was our entry for the Games4Health competition at the University of Utah in the business health category. It is basically a project sprint designer that provides the user with positive reward for sticking to the project plan. This reward is in the form of a micro managing city that is unique to every user. 



Games and Apps


SHAPE DEFENDER- Google Play Store
This is a brain teasing game made in Android Studio with Java. This was a team Project involving 4 other students.
Apart from programming and designing game mechanics, I was also responsible for app logo design and app UI design.


ActionScript-Flash- Kirby Game

My first ever game at the program in Utah., This was my first game on Flash. It was an in class final project that is a side scrolling platformer based on the character, Kirby.





Finished Final Project of the Class. Responsibilities: Cinematography, Editing, Camera and Lighting for Environments and overall Aesthetic Planning.



basic 3d modelling




Lighting and cinematography implementation for Maximo Fight Scene Sample

A trailer to an RPG Fight. This is a trailer project done in-class with a team.

Responsibilities: Overhead Camera Planning, Lighting, Cinematography.